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An unforgettable Holiday in Thüringen

Arrive and start to feel comfortable, forget about hustle and the everyday stress. Enjoy relaxing days with a lot of variety.

We love to welcome you in our „Berghotel Oberhof“ in nice Thüringen. Find out inner balance, physical wellbeing and pure zest for life.

.. because here, you’re very well.


The „Berghotel Oberhof“ combine personal flair and a stylish ambience in 69 different rooms and suits. The hotel stays silent at a nice forest, surrounded from its own park. If you like to go to the town center, you only have to walk five minutes. If you decide to hike, the fixed ways start at the hotel.

The winter sports areas, are only 1,5 km away. There you can go skiing or also hike. Enjoy one of the best comforts and beautiful views.